We Value Our Family

Our Mission as Candy Lovers

AusSam Candy hopes to spark joy within all people as soon as they walk through the door. We strive to deliver an experience full of wonder and excitement, so you can leave with sweet treats and new memories. 

What Makes AusSam, Awesome?

We are Austin and Sam, and together we are AusSam!
We are two long-time family friends who have bonded through our love of candy for the past 25 years and counting. Both growing up locally in Southern California, we know how much emphasis is placed on family, so we wanted to bring a local destination to the community that would delight everyone’s sweet tooth and bring people together, just as it did for us. Walking into AusSam Candy, you will embark on an adventure, in which you will discover an incredible array of candies from different countries, eras and regions. From the rich flavor of a Swiss chocolate bar, to the sweet and spicy taste of Mexican candy, we have a variety of treats in store for you. The only questions is, when will you begin your adventure?

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17812 Chatsworth St. Granada Hills, CA.